highland pipes - no1a
Highland Bagpipes

Choose from our range of standard sets complete with reeds, bag cover and cords. Optional polpenco or blackwood chanter and drone carving.

All sets are made in African Blackwood. Selbie drone reeds, an Ezeedrone pipe chanter reed and a Bannatyne synthetic zipper complete with water trap are provided as standard. A choice of velvet bag covers and silk cords is also offered.


To hear our Highland pipes click here. 



Standard Bagpipes:


Highland Bagpipes - No.1 Combed and Beaded


* African Blackwood

    * Full combed & beaded

    * Imitation ivory ring caps & projecting mounts

    * Stainless steel ferrules


Highland Bagpipes - No. 2 Half Mount



(Dirk handle carving on drones shown in photo - an optional extra.)

 * African Blackwood

    * Fully combed & beaded

    * Imitation ivory mounts

    * Thistle engraved Nickle slides, ferrules, ring caps and mouthpiece sleeve.