Smallpipe Accessories
Bellows, Bellows adapter, Pipe Bag, Pipe Bag Covers, Reed Protector, Small Pipe Softcase



Smallpipe Bellows


Beautiful mahogany and leather bellows with stainless steel studs and plates. Comes with pipe to attach to bag complete with metal collars. There is also a padded leather covered area where your arm meets the bellows for maximum comfort.

Smallpipe Bellows Adapter


Polypenco bellows adapter with thistle design. Plugs into your smallpipe blowstick stock so you can attach a set of bellows without the need for a separate bag cut specially for bellows. Comes complete with rubber flapper valve.

Bannatyne Plain Synthetic Pipe Bag


Simple, maintenance free and air tight, complete with metal fixing ring.

Perfect size for smallpipes. Depth 228mm x Length 610mm

Velvet Smallpipe Bag Cover


Velvet bag cover for Scottish Smallpipes.

Choice of dark blue, dark green or burgundy.

We have covers to suite mouthblown or bellows pipes (bellows blown only available in navy blue).

Thistle Shaped Smallpipe Chanter Reed Protector


Polypenco false stock to protect your reed when your chanter is out of your pipes for drying, transportation or when swapping chanters for a quick key change.

Smallpipe Blowstick

140mm long

Smallpipe Soft Case


Smallpipe lightweight carry case with zip.